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City Logistics

Complex logistics solutions, activities, processes, aimed at optimizing the management decisions of the administration, flows of materials, vehicles, people, knowledge, energy, finance, information within the subsystems of the city and its infrastructure 


The density of these flows and their distribution on the territory of the city are not the same. In some areas, as a rule, located in the central part of cities, large-scaled flow magnitude and degree of concentration. They cause an overload of communications of the city, congestion in the promotion of the city flows the necessary resources makes it difficult for public transport, utilities and social services. The methodological basis for urban logistics are integrated and innovative logistics.

City Logistics

The purpose and objectives of city logistics

The purpose of urban logistics is: 


  • meet the needs of its residents; 

  • rational organization of space and time and material and social flows for maximum orientation of the entire production and business activities of the municipal enterprises to meet the needs of the population. 


City logistics tasks are: 


  • integration of the city into a single creative unit; 

  • the development of culture; 

  • rationalization of material and social flows of municipal services; 

  • maximize the capacity utilization of the municipal economy enterprises; 

  • saving material resources at all stages of material flow; 

  • optimization of costs of production and sales of finished goods and services to the public; 

  • reduce emissions of toxic and greenhouse gases into the environment.


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